two kids smilingWhat are our Program Goals at Little People’s Preschool Daycare Center?

  • To foster the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of the children in our care.
  • To build a lasting relationship between the children, parents and teachers at our centers.
  • To build teamwork, cooperation and friendship within the classroom.
  • To build confidence and independence in children through self-help skills and problem-solving abilities
  • To create an environment in which children feel safe and secure.

Our curriculum focuses on the domains of learning:

  • Social Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development
  • Life Skills

We encourage learning and growth in these areas by offering developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Children use a variety of materials including blocks, dramatic play props, paint, puzzles and manipulative, books and large motor equipment. These experiences are also fostered by planned activities such as story times, science experiments, music, games, art, writing and Second language development, (ASL and Spanish).

Please visit these links for more information about the programs we offer:


We will post testimonials from parents at Little People’s Preschool Daycare Center.
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Meet OurFaculty

Would you like to meet the team behind Little People’s Preschool Daycare Center?
Visit our facility or schedule an appointment for a
consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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  • We will post upcoming events and announcements on this page.

  • Feel free to call us at 925-698-2803 if you are interested to join our upcoming activities.

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